Term of registration is 5 days. 

LLC registration inludes

  • Consultation on registration and activity issues;
  • Selection of activity kinds;
  • Filling all the necessary documents for the state registration of the company (decisions, protocols, company statutes, etc.) through eMS - S24 online service;
  • Stamp issuing;
  • Registration in all governmental agencies;
  • Receipt of an extract on state registration;
  • Support during the company account opening.

Detailing of the cost

  • Getting a PESEL number and ePUAP signature - 200 €;
  • Preparation and submission of documents - 119 € instead of 169 € brutto *;
  • Address for company - 200 € brutto / year ;
  • Registration fee - 80 € brutto;

Until data , total costs - 599 € instead of 649 € (* if you rent a business address for a year).


  • At least one founder, we recommend two. If there is one founder, the company must register with ZUS and pay about 1000 PLN monthly insurance. If there are two founders, no such obligation incurs;
  • Provide information on the scope of activities (for the correct definition of economic activity types);
  • Provide three options for the name of the company for verification in the Register;
  • Provide an address for the company registration (unless the lease agreement for our address is concluded);
  • Inform on the company’s share capital value;
  • Provide the identification document and PESEL number (for citizens);
  • Provide scans of the valid international passports of all the founders and board members (for non-residents);
  • Provide an extract from the commercial, banking or judicial register of the founder-legal entity country of location (for non-residents);

After LLC registration You will obtain

  • The extract on state registration;
  • The lease with a payment receipt for the first year (if the address is ours).
  • Company stamp;
  • Support for opening an account in Krakow or Warsaw.

Who can be the Founders of the company?

  • Citizens of Poland - can establish all kinds of companies
  • Non-residents of Poland - may be partners in a commandite partnership and 100% founders in LLC;
  • Polish or foreign commercial companies - may be the shareholders of the Polish company;
  • A company in Poland can be founded by one or more natural or legal persons.

Taxes in Poland

  • 15% income tax;
  • 19% of dividend income;
  • VAT 23% - base rate;
  • VAT of 8% i 5%, 0% - for separate goods / services, for example: food products (bread, dairy products, meat, cereals, flour, cereals, pasta, juices);
  • VAT 0% - deliveries of goods within the EU and exports of goods.
599 € brutto